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It paired to my iPhone with no issues, and displays the alerts on both the radar detector and my iPhone Live App.

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I know the system has paid for itself more than once. I was so sick of my Redline picking up K bands but I didnt want to turn off dscort K band.

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It requires you to divert your eyes off the road and watch either the phone screen or detectors display to monitor the al strength and Band al is in. The escort of the older escorts and the current one without using the app is you get all the information you need from the tone type and intensity without taking your eyes off the road. Make live you up thru Escort site customer service is responsive. Now I can pick which als to completely block out The voice notifications are broken.

I really like what you were working on, Escort.

Relocating to an area that is around hours from my home town, I make frequent trips home to see family through north Florida and South Georgia which are hot beds for laser and radar activity. You just released it before giving it to quality control.

Our Defender Database is updated weekly for US and Canada states and regions to alert you of red light cameras, speed cameras, mobile cameras, air patrol zones, and average speed limits. It paired to my iPhone with no issues, and displays the alerts on both the radar detector and my iPhone Live App. Over million escrot alerts shared and received every year from over 3.

It greatly livee my expectations, but when I purchased the Bel V10 radar detector initially, esclrt was no distinguishing between the "Smart Cord" included and the "Smart Cord" that I needed to purchase separately With these issues and some of the other issues others have mentioned, this application would be a fantastic go-to!

This makes instant on situations, where you hear a quick burst and it increases as you approach and other cars are checked, impossible to safely monitor for with the app. Let me say that the overall de of this app is wonderful!

‎escort live radar on the app store

This update was worth the wait. Gain increased awareness with millions of user-generated traffic avoidance exchanges along with red light, speed cam and law enforcement detection in real-time.

Plan Your Journey Get directions, speed limits, and live traffic updates straight to your device. This did the trick!

Keep up the good work escort. I tested this app out on a drive and liked the fact it locked out the grocery store als and other false als in town were silenced. Very intuitive and full of information that is easy to obtain and base decisions off of and makes you appreciate the concept of the LIVE community even more.

Among some other negative feedback and what I have experienced, here are some flaws.

Escort live radar - revenue & download estimates - apple app store - us

The UI was very buggy and the connection to the detector was like playing Russian roulette. With that said, things were overlooked and seriously need to get fixed.

It is the :Missing Link" to a complete solution It feels like it is finally modern. It just needs to be fixed.

Another issue with the de, the top bar is able to be pulled down by touching the green area to see radar status.