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Dr bj salon

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Dr bj salon

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They are the only bj bar I know of in the land of Smiles with a website that actually works and gets updated regularly.

Age: 54
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: Seeking Sex Date
City: University of Hawaii at Manoa, Guthrie
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Are Women In Hialeah That Shy? Lol.

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The women are divided into two.

She has a quiet exterior but is actually lively and outgoing. There are usually a dozen or two on the main floor and several more on the balcony above. Whether or not you like that is a matter of taste I guess. Has a demure personality.

7-heaven | sukhumvit 33 | bj salon bangkok | thailand

From the second she walked in sr door, she jumped to top 5 lady sometimes 1 lady. Offers all in house services to a very good standard.

All round a great strong women. I think the women upstairs are taking naps in between customers but they usually wake up when the mamasan gives the al that a customer has arrived.

Has a low level of English but de trying to learn more, she is still young. Asks for her picture to be taken on and off all the time. The exterior looks like an organic juice selling shop or something similar.

Review of dr bj’s salon in bangkok, thailand

Always manages to smile and has been popular with customers since she started. She is actually in real life a quite shy ealon but we have been told all that goes away once in the room. Wood Bar score: 8. I used to pick the prettiest face and best body but after I became a regular visitor of blowjob bars I started asking for women who could meet my needs.

Dr bj's salon (bar) •

Is happy to be taken out and favours eating and a little alcohol, generally quite places. The beauty of it is that we able to compare notes on babes and the blowjobs they give.

If taken out likes eating in restaurants, plus drinking in bars or night clubs. She also has the option of working with couples and both genders which makes her popular as in the Spa. Offers all in house services and enjoys being taken out also. Wood bar recommendation level 8. Df you pay nothing and get taken upstairs to one of several small booths.

Review of dr bj's salon in bangkok, thailand - my sexpedition

Wood Bar recommendation level 8. She can work saloj men and women. They contain a leather chair that has seen better days and a salon style sink where the girl will wash your dick and balls rather than the hair on your head. She does not get as many customers as other but she has got her set of regulars that will only see her.

If you like the more strong women's women, a lady that can take hold of you and make sure you stay with them then bi is for you.

Dr bj salon promo!

Medium sized breasts Description: Good level of spoken English. Some are much better than others of course and in the end it all depends on what you like. Super nice to talk to, always has a smile on her face whn she gets chosen.

Will work with other staff. Been with us since near the start.

The bar dr bj's salon at thailand, bangkok, thnnsukhumwith ch`y7/1, /31

Description: A super little pocket rocket, tiny tiny slim short little sex bomb. A quite girl an even with the other staff keeps herself to herself another lay that always arrives on time to get ready for the day, not race in flips and all then sit for the customer, she is prepped an fully ready.

Very low level of English so not recommended for VIP room or take out unless you speak thai. Service wise just the total amount of customers she has got, even with us, means she must know what she is doing but I can tell you her looks do carry her more than service. After all a bad blowjob is better than a good almost anything else.

This means you can hear pretty much everything going on in the other booths. Wood bar recommendation level: 8.

If you fr your ladies very slim she is the one to choose. Never made sense to me, treat your staff well and all is well, even worse to treat your one staff as bad as it seems things have been.

Full of fun full beans to everyone and all.