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Christian country songs

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Christian country songs

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TWEET While not every successful country singer releases Christian songs, those who've ignored Christian values haven't gotten very far. Some, like Josh Turner and Randy Travisare able to weave their faith into the music a little more comfortably than others.

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TWEET Country artists' references to religion can range from "so subtle that you don't notice it until you're Googling the meaning behind the lyrics" to "as overt as you can get.

I can only imagine. Call her spiritual but not religious. That all seems silly now.

He asks that the Holy Spirit's light shine down on him from heaven and teach coyntry the way. The song is one of worship in which the narrator praises God, in awe of the strength that He provides to cope with life's burdens. He feels abandoned and is searching for answers about why bad things happen to good people.

Pure praise music, it has since become a contemporary hymn.

It describes the change that took place in a young woman's life after she was baptized. Did we miss out on your personal favorite here?

Turner's metaphor for temptation is sharp and effective. The stained glass of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France before the structure burned in So, The Boot has rounded up our favorite country songs about faith -- the musical reminders of the values that run deep through the genre. He hopes that when he meets his Maker, he will sing with the angels, see his sonts ones that have passed on, and stand in the light forever.

In a sad irony, the shooter in the Virginia Tech Massacre reportedly listened to this song obsessively and even scrawled some of its lyrics on his dorm room wall. The lyrics talks about the series of ups and downs and disappointments that we all face as part of the cost of living, with a twist that shows how all of those trials are simply part of God's plan. But listen closely because it's there.

The religion with the largest of followers worldwide is Christianity, followed by Islam and "unaffiliated.

15 country songs that praise god |

Paisley often includes Christian themed christiaj on his albums, but this is the only one that's ever been released as a single. The narrator acknowledges that she has cussed, cheated, and lied but finds redemption when she listens to country music. Gill began writing this song after Keith Whitley's death inbut didn't finish it until the death of his brother four years later. Johnny Cash was never afraid to share his faith in song, and he loved "The Old Rugged Cross" so much that he included it on three different albums over xountry course of his career.

The birth of one's first child is an awe-inspiring, life changing event, and this rock song won a Grammy Award for good reason.

Top 10 country songs of faith

It portrays a new father's earnest prayer to teach his child how to embrace the world with arms wide open. The Army veteran often espouses those basic, good old-fashioned values in his music, and "God Must Really Love Me" is a prime example.

My mother didn't see it coming when my 5-year-old nephew looked at her with big doe eyes and asked, "Nana, do you know God? The love is blissful and revisits him when he is lonely and cold in order to make him complete. Evans and Paisley voice the roles of Mary and Jesus in the emotionally-charged song.

15 country songs that praise god

Popular singers are no exception to prosthelizing. Other religions teach that heaven or hell is a state of mind e.

She took it to a new level with "Something in the Water," a song that exalts the benefits of getting saved through being baptized. His faithful devotion to God showed her the truth. She grew up singing in chuch. Have you been there from the start? The tune describes the hopeful wondering of what it will be like when the narrator stands before God: Surrounded by Your glory, country will my heart feel?

There's no doubt this Christian song changed lives when it was released inand continues to inspire songs today. The song works as an inspirational Christian song, but it's also capable of touching those of other faiths. One could argue it's a precursor to Underwood's "Jesus Take the Wheel. The christian single from Morgan's That's Why album is a rumination about the nature of God's mercy and forgiveness. And yes, they certainly sing about it.

Fortunately, they both survive the incident, and she credits Jesus for steering her to safety. Chances are one has caused you tear up.

Christian country on spotify

Celebrate your spirituality with popular music about faith. Secular Songs About Faith Secular pop, rock, and country music is filled with songs coutry God, faith, and church.

There are many, many more country songs devoted to faith. Stanley's weathered voice forces one to do a double take at the stereo every time.

Pop, rock and country songs about god, faith, and church - spinditty - music

Reader Poll chrlstian The song is about keeping faith even in times chdistian struggle, a message that no doubt resonates with Christians everywhere. Turner has won numerous Dove Awards for his inspirational music, and is never shy about discussing his family's strong faith. We won't judge, either way. Although Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share the belief in one God, most other world religions are polytheistic e. But while they intended for the tune to be a holiday hit, we think the lyrics are thought-provoking days of the year.

Pop, rock and country songs about god, faith, and church

Will I sing "hallelujah," will I be able to speak at all? The hook at the end of the song takes your breath away. The underlying message is that God is in us all, imperfect as we may each be. There are more than 4, religions in the world.