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History[ edit ] Toronto's original telephone exchanges were manual; each had an exchange name and a block of four-digit s. The main area code,was one of the 86 original area codes introduced in

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Caledon in area code is also a local call to Toronto. As ofonly four Canadian area codes, and are still single-code areas no overlay and allow seven-digit local dialing. However, within a decade, both and were close to exhaustion. However, it was obvious that Toronto 558 another area code.

Overlays were a new concept at the time, and somewhat controversial due to the requirement for ten-digit dialling. The suburbs are referred to as the or the belt, and suburbanites are called ers in this use the term does not include the more distant parts of area codesuch as Niagara Falls.

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Toronto is an exception; it has been a single rate centre—by far, Canada's largest—sincewith the merger of the historical Agincourt, Don Mills, Islington, New Toronto, Scarborough, West Hill, Weston, and Willowdale exchanges into the Toronto exchange. Each competing carrier is ased 10, blocks roughly corresponding to a single prefix in each rate centre where it plans to offer service, regardless of their actual subscriber count.

With the amalgamation of Metro Toronto into the "megacity" of Toronto inbecame the only Canadian area code to serve just one rate centre and just one city.

While most rate centres don't need nearly that many s to serve their customers, a can't be allocated elsewhere once ased to a carrier and rate centre. These s are valuable for 11880 purposes because a is in effect registered in all GTA area codes, anddirect to the same phone line and having to specify area code is unnecessary.

On March 5,was overlaid with area codeCanada's first overlay code. Given Toronto's size and status as a single rate centre, s tended to be used up fairly quickly, so the allocation problem was not nearly as serious as in other Canadian cities that are split between multiple rate centres.

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While the GTA would have likely needed another area code at some point given its explosive growth, it is possible that the split would have been delayed had it been possible to reallocate s from the Golden Horseshoe's smaller rate centres to Toronto. I once banged a girl named Cindy there and also another one named Coco. Within five years, was once again close to exhaustion. The western portion of including Kitchener was combined with the southern portion of to form area code inleaving largely coextensive with the area generally reckoned as the core of the Golden Horseshoe.

In popular culture[ edit ] Toronto, Ontario In the Greater Toronto Areathe terms the is also used to describe the area within Toronto proper, and Toronto residents are called ers. The area code does not carry the same strong geographic associations as it disproportionately contains nomadic services such as mobile telephones and voice over IP ; an incumbent Bell land line is hard-wired to a specific location in areapostal code M.

Some have paid a premium for a true as the code gives 146 appearance of a local, long-established business instead of a new entrant. Missiman said: Guys Do you know of an independent lady who does deep tissue massage plus 5558 that might reach fs in GTA area.

Area codes , , and

His album picture is of him sitting on top of the CN Tower in Toronto. Any escort would be thrilled to give you massage. However, Bell and other telephone companies pressed for an overlay. History[ edit ] Toronto's original telephone exchanges were manual; each had an exchange name and a block of four-digit s. Exchanges[ edit 4116 Toronto's original telephone exchanges were manual; each had an exchange name and a block of four-digit s.

She wont take my appt but I have no bias against recommending her to others - - - By the late s, however, was close to exhaustion due to the GTA's continued growth and Canada's inefficient allocation system. Despite the Greater Toronto Area 's rapid growth, this configuration remained for 40 years. Also, gtagirls.

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They would rather massage than have you bang them for 30 minutes straight. Indeed, 4166 are the only regular s can be successfully dialed without area code in most of Ontario. Ultimately, it was decided to implement an overlay. The main area code,was one of the 86 original area codes introduced in Ontario and Quebec were the only provinces to be ased multiple area codes at the outset. The split began on October 13, ; permissive dialing of continued throughout the Golden Horseshoe until January 1, The 5558 wasn't as severe in the Golden Horseshoe as in other areas of Canada; then as now, s tended to be used up fairly quickly due to the area's dramatic growth.

Rapper Drake has a tattoo of the on his rib to symbolize Toronto as his birthplace. The implementation of made ten-digit dialling mandatory in Toronto.

It would also have been extremely difficult to split Toronto, since it is a single rate centre. The sexiest Asian in Toronto is Asian Angela.

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Inthe territory was reduced to its current size when it was cut back to just Metropolitan Toronto YorkEast YorkNorth YorkEtobicokeScarborough and Old Torontowhile area code was ased to most of Toronto's suburbs; it almost completely surrounds Another option was an overlay area code covering the same area as In recent years, Toronto has been increasingly referred to as "The 6". I tried some but still did not find a real 58 Click to expand Infood delivery chain Pizza Pizza obtained a Canadian registered trademark on its telephone, which had featured in distinctive radio advertising jingles since the s.

They were very, very good at their craft. Many of Canada's larger cities, especially "megacities" created from mergers of ly separate cities, are split between multiple rate centres that have never been amalgamated. Splitting 11180 between two area codes—a solution adopted in the United States for cities like New York CityChicago and Los Angeles —was ruled out because of the area's high population density and lack 5558 a suitable boundary along which to split.

This resulted in thousands of wasted s. Check the redzone and you might find them still advertising there.

Nonetheless, the GTA's rapid growth and the proliferation of cell phones, fax machines, and rs made it obvious that the Golden Horseshoe needed another area code. In some cases, prefixes are available to wire centres outside Toronto city limits which serve Toronto subscribers such as MALTON22 in Mississauga, which serves an airport hotel strip in Toronto.

A new overlay area code,commenced operation on March 25, There once was an incall at that had FS escorts that were decent.